Lefty activist David Hogg says he doesn't want children cuz of climate change, would rather own a Porsche and a boutique dog
· · Sep 26, 2022 · NottheBee.com

The anti-family, anti-children, "save the planet" activists are at it again.

This time David Hogg, who became an activist after he was present at school during the Parkland, Florida shooting, is out here "saving the environment" by going on an anti-child rant.

There's a disturbing anti-human streak in the Left and David Hogg represents this well.

It's ironic that Hogg would use children asking to have college payed for as a reason to not have kids, given that he himself is attending Harvard, despite not scoring high enough to get in, just because he's a whiny activist.

The leftist, selfish worldview reduces human children to a mere economic decision and pets become the "new children."

Hogg and his generation are now considering plants as pets, pets as kids, and kids as "luxuries."

This is where the dog-mom, fur-baby culture leads to.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

This is the future liberals want — one in which the elite professional class agrees to "fight climate change" not by giving up their luxury cars and private airplanes, but rather by simply refusing to procreate. We got a glimpse of this grim future earlier this month when a doctor in Austin, Texas, used his $70,000 Rivian electric truck to perform a vasectomy after his clinic lost power.

These people are sick, as New York Times columnist Ezra Klein revealed in June when he noted that the question he is asked "more than any other" is, "Should I have kids, given the climate crisis they will face [and] knowing they will contribute to the climate crisis the world faces?" According to a 2020 Morning Consult poll, 32 percent of Democrats, 34 percent of Millennials, and 37 percent of Gen Zers said climate change was at least part of the reason why they didn't have kids.

Resist we must.

Saving the planet has replaced the biblical mandate of populating the planet. This is our godless society in action.

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