Less than 1 month ago Forbes put Silicon Valley Bank on its annual list of "America's Best Banks" and its inaugural list of "Financial All-Stars"
· Mar 12, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Can't make it up.

Yes, the SVB Instagram post you see above is real. (And they somehow still haven't deleted it.)

Less than one month ago, on February 14, Forbes published its annual list of "America's Best Banks." Of all the banks in America, they put Silicon Valley Bank at number 20. (And they somehow still haven't deleted it.)

Forbes also placed the defunct bank on their inaugural list of "Financial All-Stars!"

Financial all-stars, seriously. 😭

Please do note that SVB's Instagram post above was published just 5 days ago.

Five days ago they were bragging about being on these lists, and 2 days ago the bank was seized by regulators as insolvent in the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

Let's keep going because I found some more fun stuff. Here's SVB's Instagram profile (it's somehow still active):

I clicked their profile link, and this is the page it led me to:

You. Can. Not. Make. It. Up.

They sure did "advance women, Black and Latinx individuals to positions of influence," didn't they? They ushered them right into the history books! LOL I'm done! 💀

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