Let's check in on how Canada is doing under progressivism
ยท Nov 13, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

Today in progressive news: The progressive country of Canada has progressed to a lower standard of living for the next generation!

Leftists in Canada must be beaming at this historic accomplishment.

A recent public opinion poll found 65 per cent of respondents believe the next generation of Canadians will have a lower standard of living.

Why do Canadians feel this way? I believe it's because we lack a collective long-term vision for Canada's future. Our plans are limited to the short term, with the immediate outranking the urgent. We focus on today's headlines, not tomorrow's headaches.

Ah, so what does Canada need?

  • A return to a respectful fear of God Almighty so that citizens can live good live with deep community roots and their eyes fixed on eternity?
  • A casting off of the lies that say government can spend money willy nilly and the idea that importing numerous cultures with competing ideas leads to stability?
  • A vision for building the future that involves low taxes and zero red tape, where little kids can dream of founding new cities, having lots of babies, exploring new horizons and worlds, and inventing the next big leap in tech?
  • Kicking the gender-bending commies out so the rest of us can raise families and build community in peace, without threat of censorship from our own governments?

Nah, a focus on minerals to help the transition to sunshine power!

When it comes to our resources, Canada has what the world needs - food, fuel and minerals that will be essential as we transition to cleaner forms of energy.

Don't forget infrastructure with climate virtue signaling!

We need improved infrastructure corridors in addition to expanded electricity grids, access to critical mineral deposits and much more as we work toward a net-zero future.

That'll inspire the young people!

Can't afford groceries?


Finally, we need to work together. Planning for our future should not be sullied by partisan potshots and attempts to demonize others.

Translation: Have zero debate and anyone who disagrees with what I think should be sent to the gulags. Don't worry, the government will use your carbon taxes to save you!

Remember how this article was supposed to be inspiring to young people?

It's not surprising then that younger generations are cynical and skeptical.

And THIS is supposed to help them?

Just wait until the young people figure out how the few people who survive these climate policies will live!

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