Libs of TikTok exposes University of Wisconsin for performing "gender affirming" surgeries on minors, university then scrubs entire gender clinic website
· Sep 26, 2022 ·

"Gender-affirming" doctors are quite a bit like cockroaches. You expose them to light and they scramble to hide.

That's what happened in the Matt Walsh-Vanderbilt case, and now the same thing has happened in Wisconsin after Libs of TikTok exposed Dr. Katherine Gast as a "gender-affirming" surgeon, AKA butcher of healthy kids.

Let's follow the excellent journalism coming from Libs of TikTok.

The website explicitly says that "gender surgeon" Dr. Gast operates on minors.

Dr. Gast is fully admitting to coordinating with the pediatric team to provide hysterectomies to gender-confused young people.

They are openly bragging about mutilating children.

Dr. Gast also repeats the myth that "puberty blockers" are completely reversible, even though no study has been done on these puberty blockers which are used off-label.

Delaying puberty is not simply a short pause with "no harm done." These people are disgusting.

Here's a screenshot advising young girls on how to get permission to have their healthy breasts cut off because they're going through this social contagion known as gender dysphoria.

This is far, far away from the "no harm done" phase of things. This is butchery.

Here Dr. Gast explains her surgeries which the website claims she performs on minors.

It's a happy day for everybody.

The eyes. You can always see it in the eyes.

This is evil.

Wisconsin follows WPATH guidelines, and as we've covered at NTB, WPATH is in bed (at least figuratively) with folks involved in online fetish websites fantasizing about minors becoming eunuchs.

That's all you need to know about their "professional" guidance.

And as soon as normal people see the evil in these organizations they turn into the little cockroaches they are and hide.

They're all cowards who want to mutilate children. If people outside their woke gender bubble see what they're doing they cover themselves in shame and hide.

They know that what they are doing is wrong. All it takes is the courage to expose them. Let's keep it going.

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