Libs of TikTok joined the new lefty social platform Tribel that "doesn't censor" and was banned in 20 minutes for stating a biological fact
· Oct 25, 2022 ·

The lefties have created a new social media platform that promises to be a place of inclusion, tolerance, and free speech.

It's called "Tribel," and they explicitly say they don't censor speech, but their algorithm does filter out fake news and hate.

Well, our good friend Libs of TikTok went to the site Tribel to see how their "we don't censor" slogan held up.

It went pretty much exactly as expected.

As her first post, LOTT posted the simple, non-controversial message:

Men cannot get pregnant.

Here's what happened next:

In less than 20 minutes, this social media site found LOTT, read their biologically accurate "hate" post, and kicked her off the platform for good.

But yeah, they don't censor anyone.

And just so it's clear that it wasn't a mistake, Tribel Social confirmed on Twitter, to the applause of left-wing haters and groomers everywhere, that they proudly removed LOTT for her hateful conduct.

You can just read their evil laugh into this tweet, can't you?

"We kicked you off and we'd do it again! We hate you! Now get out of here with your hate!"

Of course, it's no shock that the tolerant Left would tolerate Libs of TikTok right off their platform.

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