Watch this teacher explain how she creates "political unrest" in the classroom by pushing pronouns and purple hair while mocking the Bible
· Jan 17, 2023 ·

Remember when those Bible preachers started saying education is literally becoming demonic and everyone laughed at them?

I am the political unrest that Cedar City needs.

Teachers (or subs in this case) graduate from woke colleges of education and believe it is their job to create unrest in their communities (the goal of Marxism is endless revolution).

So besides the fact that I dyed my hair purple last night, and I have two visible tattoos, I wrote my pronouns as "she/any" up on the board. I was teaching 10th grade and I told this to all my classes and it wasn't until the last period where someone was like, "what's the second pronoun?" and so I explained, "I do she/any pronouns. I do go by any pronouns, he she, they, it, anything. But I am totally okay with you just referring to me as she." And they were kind of confused about it for a minute and I was like "and you can't misgender me. So don't even think about it. I respond to all genders."

Do y'all not see that this is literal Marxism yet?

These products of the higher education system are, in their own words, a danger to society. They want to be a danger, because they think everything needs to be destroyed in order to be rebuilt.

And I just realized that my Hydroflask is in this video and that's my "I don't care what the Bible says" sticker which I forgot I left up at the front of the classroom.

Like I said: Remember how we laughed at all those people that said Marxism is demonic?

You might want to check your kids' classrooms to see who is teaching them.

Just sayin'.

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