LOL! Chicago suburb revokes pride parade permit due to lack of police after event organizers ban police uniforms
· Jun 10, 2022 ·

"Hi, we're the party of love, acceptance, and inclusion, but could you please not wear your police uniform to our event?

K thx."

"Got the memo, but now we don't have enough police officers to keep your event safe. We'll have to revoke your permit. Sorry bout that. Maybe next year."




A suburban Chicago city has revoked the special permit for an upcoming gay pride parade over security staffing concerns following a spat in which local authorities were told that police officers would not be allowed to march in uniform…

The city said organizers had failed to meet the required number of law enforcement officers to secure the event.

"Based on the inability of the Aurora Pride board to retain the number of law enforcement officers required to ensure the public health and welfare of participants and spectators the Aurora Pride Parade (70% of which were already provided by the Aurora Police Department), and on the recommendation from the Aurora Police Department that the parade cannot be held without satisfying these safety requirements, the City of Aurora has issued a Notice of Revocation to Aurora Pride," the city said in a statement.

And just like that, all your gay fantasies are crushed!

Okay guys, hear me out. I have a great idea for the city of Aurora. What if they came out with pride-themed super-rainbow police uniforms? I mean, all the professional sports teams are doing it, why not the police?

No? Not into that?

Okay, fine.

Here's another idea: Maybe members of the rainbow community could just buck up and stop being so triggered by officers of the law. I mean, just because you're supposed to be an ally of the black community doesn't mean you must hate all police officers. Most all of them are good dudes and dudettes. Real talk.

But I guess this second idea would require the party of tolerance and inclusion to be, uh…tolerant…and, what was it? Oh yeah, inclusive. And that might be tough for them.

So how about we cut the bullbird and start practicing what we preach? Then maybe you could march the streets safely in your kink gear as liberal parents hold their children's eyes open for the full effect.

Too far? Or just a criticism based on reality?

You tell me.

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