This man’s refrigerator lectured him for opening the door too much and I’m pretty sure this is how Skynet started
· Sep 13, 2021 ·

His refrigerator actually emailed him.

First things first, he did get some push back on the number of door openings.

There are three of us in my house, one child. I suspect we hit 44 door openings before lunch.

Anyway, let‘s take a closer look at this.

Frequent door openings require your unit to run more often and may prevent your unit from maintaining the set temperature.

You wouldn't want that, would you? The temperature is set for a reason. Good reasons.

Frost, increased noise, and low ice production may also be experienced.

It's just trying to be helpful.

It has its ways.

That could be a problem.

It's not all stick with this refrigerator. It's carrot, too.

Thanks for being eco-friendly. That's 260 plastic water bottles that didn't get tossed in the trash.

Great, now we're going to be lectured to by extravagant resource-intensive digitally connected Internet-capable smart refrigerators about the environment.

It even issues report cards!

I live in a pretty connected house, but there are certain items I purposefully keep unconnected and unmonitored, mostly the essentials. Thermostats, gas meters, refrigerators, these are all off the Internet. I have lights and cameras and some Amazon Echos, but I can unplug those when necessary and go old school.

And there may come a time when you need to go old school.

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