Just as quickly as they arrived, the Martha's Vineyard immigrants have been politely kicked off the island by the inclusive-and-tolerant rich white liberals
· Sep 16, 2022 · NottheBee.com

The tolerant and "diversity is our strength" liberals in Martha's vineyard couldn't even last one day with their new visitors from across the southern border before they brought in the buses and began deportation.

Yeah, the illegal immigrants arrived late Wednesday night, and by Friday morning the buses have rolled in to ship off the undesirables to another location.

Probably the closest Republican city nearby.

They may have only been there for a day, but the white liberals are just so dang friendly that they've made lifelong friends with their surprise visitors.

You just have to love the Boston Globe reporter's framing. It's a bittersweet goodbye, but sadly the poor migrants journey must continue to someplace far, far, far away from the rich white liberals.

Seriously, let's put this in perspective.

Border towns in Texas and Arizona have been dealing with THOUSANDS of new immigrants every month, for DECADES. Florida has hundreds of secret flights into their state to "distribute" illegal aliens and this goes on for months.

Martha's Vineyard has 50(!!!) illegal aliens for 24 hours, freaks out, and gets rid of them immediately.

ALL OVER 50 PEOPLE! Not 50,000. Not 5,000. 50 people.

The shameful, racist, white liberals can't stand to be around what they likely see as poor dirty immigrants for even a day before deporting them.

Action, meet consequences.

The governor is moving the aliens off of Martha's Vineyard to a military base.

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