Masks or guns – it’s not about health. It’s about power.
· Sep 13, 2023 ·

Despite all the evidence, despite all the studies, despite all the common sense, it seems that the expectation that people wear porous facemasks in order to save themselves and others from the newest wave of Covid is making a comeback.

Despite the fact that cloth facemasks actually proved to be harmful to the health of those who wore them, they're trying to make it happen again.

Despite the fact that the CDC has accidentally let the cat out of the bag:

…they're still trying to make masks a thing.

Is it outrageous? Of course.

Is it mindless? Yep.

Do I think there's any way in the world that the mask-mandaters will get the country to fall for it again? Not a chance.

But as you prepare to fight the return of the masks and the attempted mandates that will undoubtedly accompany them, don't miss the bigger picture of what this is all about unfolding before your eyes in New Mexico. Call it phase 2 of the authoritarianism:

To be clear, anyone who has taken a basic civics course knows that a governor cannot just arbitrarily suspend constitutional rights at their pleasure. But statists like Gov. Grisham are assuming you won't know that, or even if you do, that you won't stand up to their demands because you won't know how to do anything but verbally complain.

The audaciousness would almost be impressive if it wasn't so, you know, blatantly unconstitutional. What hubris for an elected official to believe they are vested with the power to simply suspend a citizen's constitutional rights whenever they get the urge.

Or, as Grisham euphemistically puts it, whenever there's a "public health emergency." That is, a situation the governor doesn't like and decides to slap the overly generalized label on the activity in a vain attempt to gaslight the masses.

Personally, I was anti-mask from the moment it became clear the ones calling the shots were just making things up as they went along. "Don't wear masks," "Do wear masks," "only wear N95 masks," "put your toddler in a mask or you're going to go to jail." Yeah, sorry, no.

From that moment, it was overly clear what this was about. Power and control.

How many of us realists at the time predicted that it wouldn't stop with Covid? When Trump and Fauci made their infamous "15 days to slow the spread" lockdown decree, we all should have seen it coming.

If all it took to strip citizens of their constitutionally protected civil liberties was just declaring a "public health emergency," how would we ever expect that to not be exploited for other reasons?

How could we ever expect the climate alarmists not to use "public health emergency" to stifle our freedoms to travel? If you really care about your fellow man, you wouldn't take more than one commercial flight a year, you know. Is that too much of a sacrifice for you in order to keep the people on low-lying islands like Puerto Rico from losing their homes?

How could we ever expect the anti-gun activists not to use "public health emergency" to strip away 2nd Amendment rights? If you really loved your neighbor, you wouldn't argue that it's your right to have military grade weapons, you know. How many dead kids is it going to take for you to realize this is a matter of urgent public health?

As Jeremy Redfern pointed out:

You want to wear a mask? Go for it. But please understand that the rest of us see this is now about far more than just "public health." This is about power. It's always been about control, and if there's any question on that, just ask the people living under the tyrannical reign of Gov. Grisham's rule.

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