Matt Walsh exposes largest "trans healthcare" provider in the US after they approve his producer for sex change surgery after just one 22-minute video call
· Jun 8, 2023 ·

One 22-minute video call.

That's all it took for Matt Walsh's producer to get approval for surgery that would remove his testicles for "gender-affirming" care.

Walsh details the entire report in his Twitter feed.

It's somewhat well-known both among trans activists and anti-trans activists, that there are social workers and clinicians who work for various "affirming" organizations who will happily sign a letter diagnosing a person with "gender dysphoria," regardless of whether or not it's true so that insurance will pay for the sex change operations.

For a small fee, of course.

Let's pick up with Walsh's thread here:

These videos that follow really show just how unserious these people who are the biggest advocates for trans-affirming care are.

These people clearly only care about getting the people in for surgery and signing them up for a lifetime of medical complications.

So, the call was about how once "Chelsea" wrote an essay about being a girl and everyone laughed. And based on that "she" was able to get a letter of recommendation for a doctor to remove "her" testicles and for insurance to pay for it.

That's all it took.

Here's the letter:

Significant, and ongoing gender dysphoria.

Even though according to the call it was insignificant and NOT ongoing, this woman wrote a letter certifying the opposite and recommending the life-altering sterilization surgery.

That's all it took.

Oh, and the whole letter was just a joke.

My gosh. These are the people who are the "gatekeepers" who are paid to help people solve their gender identity problems. But all this lady does is sign the letters and move on.

Walsh explains the entire scam behind "gender-affirming" care:

Walsh is right. Protecting kids is part of it. But the idea that physically healthy adults with mental and gender confusion should just get their private parts cut off and mutilated because "adults can do what they want" is wrong.

The entire industry is a scam.

Elon summed it up well in his response to Matt's exposé:

Yes. The entire world has gone mad.


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