Matt Walsh had his phone, email, and social media hacked, while simultaneously being demonetized by YouTube
· Apr 20, 2023 ·

Everyone who follows conservative personality Matt Walsh knew something was wrong when he started to tweet about Ben Shapiro being a closeted homosexual, Joe Rogan being a pedophile, and himself being a sassy-shooting gangsta.

The tweets in question were not up long as users began to mass tag Twitter support, letting the platform know that Matt Walsh's account had been hacked.

However, no one knew quite how bad things were.

It turns out that an insider at The Daily Wire gave the hacker access to Matt Walsh's phone, which means that everything he had was hacked, including twenty years of email.

The attacks suspiciously came as Matt Walsh was simultaneously being demonetized on Youtube; one of Daily Wire's main streams of income for their conservative personalities. The demonetizing was due to Walsh's comments regarding Dylan Mulvaney and biological reality.

Once word began to spread that Walsh's life was hacked, the media vultures began to circle, hoping to get a piece of the action.

However, Twitter took action immediately, enforcing their no hacked materials policy.

Sadly, the issue that's befallen Walsh is the exact one Steven Crowder and Jeremy Boreing were spatting over.

What happens when a popular personality gets demonetized on a platform?

Maybe that kerfuffle was needed for The Daily Wire to draw up some battle plans for when the day came for their current talent.

It sure seems like they were ready for it.

They've decided that rather than give up Walsh's integrity and bow to the woke mob, they're making all of his content free. They're also expanding to other platforms.

I can tell you this though, if the Left keeps pushing, they're going to wake the sleeping giant, and then they'll feel the sting of the real Big Con.

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