Mayor calls for “zero tolerance” for Covid rule breakers, and then goes and breaks the rules hours later.

Nov 25th

Hypocrisy knows no borders, apparently.

Earlier in the day, Windsor, Canada Mayor Drew Dilkens joined several other mayors in calling for "zero tolerance" when it came to following Covid restrictions.

Unfortunately, Windsor-Essex had gone into code yellow which reduced the maximum number of people who could dine together from 10 to 6. The mayor, however, had dinner with 8.

After he was caught, the mayor issued all the obligatory apologies.

"[It was] unfortunate error on my part."

"Listen, I made a mistake, I own up to it, I'm accountable for it, I should have known."

"As mayor, there is responsibility for me to lead by example and showcase to all in our region that we need to follow all restrictions and guidelines to the letter."

"At the end of the day it's my responsibility to know and I'm the one who is ultimately at fault here for not stepping away from the table or saying we have to split the party up. So I'll take my lumps and move on."

That should just about cover it!

He added that while he was not fined (an officer typically has to be there to witness the infraction we are told), he and a couple of other attendees will donate the $750 fine they would have received to charity.

You know what's really surprising about that?

No, not the hypocrisy, we're growing to expect that from our leaders.

It's that there's a $750 fine to have a meal with more than six people!

Since the incident last week, Windsor-Essex moved from code yellow to code orange, which according to the official rules, means indoor seating maximums are now 4 per party. Also, strip clubs are closed.

That's how you know it's getting serious.

And if you're wondering how playing loud music contributes to the spread of the virus:


Let's all try to be responsible citizens here and strictly follow complicated guidelines that make little to no sense and that are changing constantly.

Because our leaders have zero tolerance for violators (unless it's themselves).


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