Rep. Mayra Flores was just called "Miss Frijoles" by her opponent. Why do Democrats see Hispanics as food now?
· Jul 19, 2022 ·

Rep. Vincente Gonzales, a Texas state representative running against U.S. representative Mayra Flores, keeps calling newly elected Congresswoman Mayra Flores "Miss Frijoles" and a "cotton-pickin' liar."

More specifically, blogger McHale Report has been paid to run the labels on behalf of the Democratic candidate, with "Miss Frijoles" running 20 times so far!

To her credit, Mayra Flores responded pretty gracefully to her opponent's open racism, saying she loves frijoles and isn't embarrassed about her Hispanic culture.

McHale has actually said a lot worse about Flores, often focusing on her lady parts, none of which will I repeat here. You all are welcome to read the craziness here and here if you have the stomach for it.

Flores is the first conservative to be elected in the 34th district of Texas since the Civil War, and the first representative in U.S. history originally born in Mexico. The Democrat attack on her Hispanic culture is not likely to play well in her district.

Plus, this most recent comparison of Hispanic people to food comes on the heels of First Lady Jill Biden comparing Hispanics to breakfast tacos.

So here's my question: Why are the Democrats looking at Hispanic people like Homer Simpson looking at a buffet?

I think it's time for the neckbeards to lay off the crickets and fake meat and enjoy a tasty burger made out of real meat to reenergize their brain cells before things get out of control.

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