Meat fights back! A deer crashes into a butcher shop, smashes some stuff, and leaves.
· · Jan 10, 2023 ·

In Moorhead, Minnesota, Melissa Evans the owner of She Said Butcher Shop was blissfully doing the Lord's work selling meat to the local carnivores, when a terroristic deer burst through the front door of her shop.

Check it out:

At first Evans thought a pot had fallen or maybe a car had crashed into the front of the store, but when she came around the corner, there was the wild-eyed vegetarian smashing up the place.

"When I came around the corner the deer was the last thing I would have imagined it was chaos to say the least," Evans recalled. "Just complete pandemonium. My kid was screaming, ‘why is there a deer in here; why is there a deer in here?'"

"Other than a smashed door, a hole in the wall and a few broken plants, everything else came out unscathed and I am thankful, because it could have been so much worse, not only with damages, but potentially could have seriously hurt someone."

And then just like the deer left, but I think the message was clear.


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