Meat prices are skyrocketing, which is bad enough without the media dubbing it "meatflation" 🤦

Nov 9th

Forecasters are predicting that this will be the "most expensive Thanksgiving on record," which is more than enough to worry about. But did we really need the term "meatflation" to enter the popular lexicon? No, we didn't:

Startlingly high prices are appearing in meat aisles across the country in what shoppers have begrudgingly come to know as 'meatflation.'

The reason for the spike in prices is a combination of supply chain crunches sparked by COVID backlogs, staffing shortages in meat plants and the fact that the few remaining workers there are not physically able to get through as much as they were previously because of constraining social distancing rules.

Ugh. Come on. We just don't need that.

If you're plunking down what is in some cases double the price for a cut of beef relative to last year, you don't need to be thinking the word "meatflation" as you're doing it. That just sounds gross and doesn't do anything for anybody's appetite.

Seriously though... those prices are of significant concern. That's gonna be something the Biden administration will have to address if it wants to avoid absolute catastrophe in next year's midterms.

In the meantime, those barbacoa tacos you love are unfortunately just going to be meatflated for a while.

P.S. Now treat yourself to our viral video "How to speak Bidenese" 😁👇

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