BBC criticizes "gay tax" for gay couples because it costs more to make a kid in a lab
ยท Oct 23, 2023 ยท

The BBC recently wrote a piece on what they dubbed "the gay tax," which is framed as a societal evil designed to make it difficult for gay people to have children.

Actually, it's the biological reality they should be mad at.

Yes, it's an entire story about how unfair it is that gay people have to pay more money to have children and prove their infertility in order to qualify for in-vitro fertilization treatments.

Shauna Mansbridge, 30, has always wanted to have a baby. But when she and her partner, Faye Hawkins, went to see their GP, in Dorset, they were told they would only qualify for IVF on the NHS if they had already self-funded 12 unsuccessful cycles of artificial insemination.

The cost varies but Shauna and Faye, 33, discovered it would cost them at least ยฃ30,000 for 12 rounds of intrauterine insemination (IUI).

"It's the one time in my life I've felt discriminated against," Faye says, "and I didn't think it would be by the NHS."

The BBC argues that straight couples have easier and more affordable access to IVF because the fact that they have tried and failed to produce children serves as enough evidence to qualify for IVF, but gays and lesbians have to pay to be tested first.

And, just to make the point clear from a pro-life perspective, the entire process from Britain's socialist healthcare system is a moral disaster.

In order for a lesbian couple to receive IVF they have to first go through artificial insemination 12 times.

"Home insemination has really worked for some people - and they have a great relationship with their donor, which is wonderful, but for others it can be dangerous," Laura-Rose says.

By "dangerous," they mean that men offer to sleep with them to get them pregnant and that's emotionally scarring because deep down we all know the sacredness of creating human life... so these "progressives" pay instead to be artificially impregnated by medical staff like some kind of livestock or lab rat.

And if that fails, they'll take out their eggs, fertilize a bunch, then try to implant one while the other newly-created human beings, well, die.

Then, at the end of the process, a child is born into this world without a father. Well done, everyone!

(Let's not even get started on how gay men pay to impregnate a surrogate who has no legal right to her own motherless child.)

This story almost makes no mention of the baby and what the baby needs. It's all about fulfilling the unnatural, biologically impossible desires of gay couples.

Thanks for exposing the mentally-deranged narcissism, BBC!

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