Check Out How the Media Covers Melania vs. Kamala When They Wear the Same Shoes

Sep 18th

Are you ready to see how the media works?

Warning: extreme sarcasm ahead!

Remember, these journalists are brave firefighters. Reporters don't root for either side. Journalism is one of the noblest professions that exists. So, let's check out how our moral betters cover the hard-hitting news of the day.




Ah yes! VP Candidate Kamala Harris wore her Timberland boots and it is very much the greatest fashion choice ever made in the history of the United States. She's ready to "get s*** done." What a brave and incredible woman! Her wearing the shoes has on its own redeemed the entire brand. We aren't worthy!

Let's be fair, First Lady Melania Trump has also worn Timberlands and I'm sure that our unbiased and honest media has something to say about that as well.

How ridiculous! She wore Timberland boots while visiting the troops! What in the world was she thinking? How embarrassing! She really opened herself up to shame and ridicule.

The same brand today means you are serious and brave, and powerful, and a strong independent woman. But back in 2018, it was obviously worthy of being mocked. But it's definitely due to fashion reasons. It has nothing at all to do with the political affiliation of the people who are wearing the shoes.

It doesn't stop there. Kamala Harris also made shoe news by being so hip and cool and wearing Converse sneakers.



Isn't Kamala just the coolest? This is a real victory for women everywhere now that Kamala is wearing sneakers.

The media really seems to have a thing for Kamala Harris's shoes. Maybe it's because they're so busy kissing her feet.

In reality, we all know Timberlands are cool thanks to George Costanza.


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