Memphis road crew goes viral for painting line over dead raccoon
· Aug 4, 2023 ·

I swear we're living in a comedy sketch.

A Memphis road crew was so dang lazy that they couldn't be bothered to move roadkill while painting lines on the street.

Richie EsQuivel said he was on Getwell Road near Knight Arnold when he spotted the stripe across the unfortunate animal. He stopped down the road, got out of his car, and snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook.

"I hadn't taken Getwell in a few weeks," said EsQuival. "I guess my first thought was it's kinda wild. Not something you see every day."

Look at this poor little guy!

RIP, little buddy

It really is a high bar to outdo LA or NYC for most mismanaged city, but somehow, this might take the cake. Memphis has been circling the drain for a while, but I think we can call it at this point.

"The animal was maybe there for a few days by the looks of it. It's pretty big and hard to miss," EsQuivel said.

Have you ever seen how they line stripe roads?

It's not just one guy going willy-nilly down the road with a paintbrush. It usually involves a multi-person road crew on a truck, with a driver and spotter to place cones at minimum.

I'm gonna need some solid evidence that this wasn't just sheer laziness if they want me to believe otherwise.

We asked a spokesperson for the City of Memphis how this might have happened. We were only told the city's Solid Waste dead animal pick up and removal would be removing the deceased raccoon from that location Friday morning.

"It's funny how much attention the picture is getting," said EsQuivel. "It's kinda sad that just striped over a dead animal. I would assume they have a street sweeper machine come through before they did a job that big, but who knows."

UPDATE: One of our subscribers submitted this similar story that happened in Pennsylvania 11 years ago...

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