The Mexican Congress hosted its own UFO hearings where "experts" presented 1,000-year-old "non-human corpses" that miraculously look like ET
ยท Sep 13, 2023 ยท

We've had our own UFO hearings in the United States with former government officials assuring us that they have witnessed extraterrestrial technology and beings. But, so far, it's just been eyewitness accounts. No one has brought the goods.

In Mexico, they got right down to business!

Behold these 1,000-year-old mummified alien corpses brought right into the chamber of Congress!



Quite literally the most fake things I have ever seen in my entire life. Easily.

I mean, if these little dudes are real ... Steven Spielberg has some explaining to do.

How did literally everyone in Hollywood know EXACTLY what these aliens looked like in every film over the last half century??

The alleged alien corpses were discovered in Peru in 2017 and are believed to be 700 to 1,800 years old. They only had three fingers and elongated heads.

X-rays of the "aliens" were also shown, and experts say one of the bodies had eggs inside.

Idk, guys. Maybe I'm being a little too skeptical.

I guess it would be nice to know that the advanced alien life trying to conquer the planet is made up of little squishy bug-men straight outta Looney Tunes!

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