Michael Moore says it's time to repeal the 2nd Amendment because "You don't need a gun" ๐Ÿ‘Œ
ยท Jun 11, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Where, oh where, would we be without Michael Moore giving us step-by-step instructions on how to defend ourselves and our family?

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is calling for the Second Amendment to be repealed and sharing his theory for how to successfully remove "nearly every gun from civilian ownership."

"We need to start a movement to repeal the Second Amendment and replace it with something that says it's not about the right of somebody to own a gun, it's the right of all of us to be protected from gun violence," Moore said Friday on his podcast.

"We have a right to live," he said. "If you're afraid of somebody breaking in, get a dogโ€ฆ you don't need a gun."

Every time some critically underinformed left-wing anti-gunner says "get a dog," every criminal in America is like:

I mean, is a dog a good thing to have if someone breaks in? Yes. Can it possibly replace the utility, security and protection that a gun provides your family? Um, no.

You see, while a well-trained dog can do some serious damage, they are also limited by a very narrow range of physical attributes that are highly dependent upon terrain, ability, the position and strength of their adversary, and a top speed of around 20mph at short bursts if they're in peak physical condition:

Bullets aren't really hamstrung by all of those considerations, not in the same way. A bullet is so insanely fast and powerful that we only just recently have developed the technology to truly see it in action:

Bit of a difference between the two. I think I'll opt for the gun, thank you so much!

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