Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield team up to launch cannabis “Holy Ears" edibles
· Nov 15, 2022 · NottheBee.com

It's been 24 years since Mike Tyson bit part of Evander Holyfield's ear off in their famous 1997 fight, and a lot has changed since then. For one thing a bunch of states have legalized marijuana for recreational use: 21 states and the District of Columbia to be exact.

So, it should come as no surprise that lots of folks are trying to cash in on the new cash crop, including Tyson and Holyfield, who have teamed up to release a new edible cannabis product called "Holy Ears."

Holy Ears are infused with THC and Delta-8 THC (the parts of marijuana that disrupts the neurotransmitters and give people the munchies).

Tyson has been in the cannabis business for a while now with his product Mike's Bites, but it took some convincing to get Holyfield to sign on.

Holyfield said,

"They said it's about helping people. So I said, ‘I ain't got no problem helping people.' I didn't know if it was something that I had to act like I was smoking reefer. I realized it is for helping somebody else. So the fact that [it was] something that helped somebody else, I was fine with that."

I'm not sure that recreational THC ingestion is helping anyone in the way that medical marijuana use can help decrease pain.

I guess I'm on the fence about the whole issue since recent research shows that marijuana use can increase the likelihood of developing psychosis by 5 times, which would certainly explain the rise in mental health disorders in the states that have legalized it.

And it's the reason some of those states are now looking to walk those measures back with new regulations.

As a counter argument, we have a guy who once chewed a man's ear off and says it tasted like cherry pie telling us that states that don't want to legalize the substance are ignorant:

"They just don't get it yet. They don't see it," Tyson said. "They don't agree with this situation. It's going to run right over them and everybody they love. It's just too powerful. It's God, it's divine, it's cannabis."

Well, if he's going to throw some blasphemy in there, I'll totally sign up for it.

My favorite part though is this quote:

"If I was on cannabis, I would've never bit his ear!" Tyson said to Holyfield.

Yeah, no kidding he wouldn't have bitten Holyfield's ear if he was high because Holyfield would have knocked him out in the first round.

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