Multiple "Chosen" actors who portray Jesus' disciples decry "homophobia and ignorance" of fans after show defends LGBT flag on set
· Jun 1, 2023 ·

Welcome to Pride Month 2023, where actors who portray disciples of Jesus tell faithful Christians that they're "homophobes" if they think that it's inappropriate to display gay pride flags on set.

Here's the context of this story, which involves an LGBT flag spotted in behind-the-scenes footage that the popular "The Chosen" show publicly defended by saying they hire anyone who will help them with production quality.

Some people, even those on the Right, think it's "disgusting" that promotion of LGBT pride by an employee on the set of a Christian show about Jesus would even be a topic of discussion.

Others who are actually involved with the show have gone even further, however!

Here's Giavinni Cairo, the actor who plays Thaddeus on The Chosen.

Cairo thinks that if you have a problem with an employee working on The Chosen displaying the rainbow flag, a bastardization of a Christian symbol that now represents Pride and celebrates the sin of homosexuality, then you're not REALLY a fan of the show and you can see your way out.

A bold move from an actor in a crowdfunded TV series that has gotten $47 million, largely from conservative Christians who oppose the LGBT agenda.

Cairo's tweet was shared by George Xanthis, who plays the Apostle John:

Then there's another actor on the show, Jordan Ross, who plays the disciple "Little James," making his voice heard by decrying Christians who believe what the Bible says about sexuality.

Did you hear that, Christian? If you don't support LGBTQ then you're an ignorant homophobe!

Allie Beth Stuckey really knocked it out of the park in her reply to Jordan's promotion of LGBTQ "brothers and sisters."

Yeah... I guess if we were to go by Ross's standards, Jesus was also homophobic and ignorant.

We have yet to see how "The Chosen" producers will respond. Maybe they'll say these are just a couple of actors who don't represent the show's creators or mission.

However, it seems like the actors ARE speaking to the goal of the show. The Daily Wire's Megan Basham sought clarification from Ross in his statement that seems to imply the show is only for progressive "Christians."

These actors sure do think that the show and everyone involved are "affirming" and supportive of people remaining in their sin.

Will "The Chosen" now clarify their position further and condemn the promotion of homosexuality and other sinful lifestyles?

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