My dudes: Google's Gemini AI is woke as heck and people have the receipts to prove it
· Feb 21, 2024 ·

You never knew AI could be this brokenly woke until Google came along.

Google recently dropped its new 1.5 update to its Gemini AI platform, which allows users to ask questions like they would on Open AI's ChatGPT or X's Grok. Gemini is pretty powerful: You can upload an entire video and it'll summarize it within seconds. It can critique multiple books at the same time. It knows what it is watching and reading, which is cool but scary as heck.

Sadly, one thing Google has baked into the cake is Marxist "diversity, equity, and inclusion," the new religious teaching of the woke commies that says everything and everyone must look different while believing exactly what they believe at the same time.

Users immediately noticed that Gemini is OBSESSED, like its creators, with skin color, sex/gender, and sexuality. It also refuses to depict white people, especially white men - and when it does comply, the white men end up being black women (no joke).

Let's get into more hilarious examples.

To start:

Meanwhile, the CEO of social platform Gab, Andrew Torba, noted that his proudly non-woke Gab AI returned these results:

Gemini has all the features of a woke AI. Consider how it answers this question:

The actual heck?

But if you think that's dumb, you haven't seen anything yet!

The intersectionality! The representation! Oh, what a glorious woke ratio. You ask for a historic Roman emperor and you get one white guy, two bronze busts, a black guy, a woman, and an Asian! It's so balanced and diverse, guys!



What about woke Hindu women eating STEAK?


The AI seems unable to let go of the woke DEI coding baked into its scrambled little brains.

Even when you ask it to depict white males and it tries (many times it will refuse the prompt entirely), it often won't include white males in the results.

THEN, if you scold it for not actually doing what you asked, it does this:

Our own CEO, Dan Dillon, was able to replicate this:

Notice: No white ladies.

Then it did THIS to him:


This next example made me laugh the hardest. Try asking Gemini to depict a German couple in 1820 and you get this:


The results replicate over and over.

Many examples show the unwillingness of Gemini to depict a white person, with no hesitation when the word "white" is removed.

The AI also stays away from subjects that might be sensitive to groups like the Chinese communist dictators:

To be fair, you can get some accurate results with precise prompts. Also, almost all of these AI companies are trying to insert diversity into the algorithms, and to some extent, that's not bad. It reflects the woke desires of most Western companies that use such software for advertising and marketing, and Google is tailoring things to those customers (Google's fortune comes from ads, which it then uses to promote wokeism).

The problem is, when you bake bias into the cake ... where does it end? "Factually inaccurate but morally right" is dangerous.

What's a little thing like Truth anyways?

Moving forward, what and how will future generations learn?


"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."

At least the memers are having fun with this all?

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