NBC is trying to scare us with the idea that Republicans are putting God back in school
· Aug 24, 2023 · NottheBee.com


I'm sorry, but this might be the funniest post of the year from NBC.

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Since Ryan Walters was sworn in as Oklahoma's superintendent of public instruction in January, he's called for prayer in public schools and hanging the Ten Commandments in classrooms.



He's adopted regulations prohibiting school libraries from circulating books with "sexualized content" and requiring educators to tell parents if their child changes their gender identity.

See, what NBC won't admit here is that there's already a god in schools. It's the sex-crazed, pedophilic god of Mother Gaia.

The wokies are not neutral. They slap a veneer of pluralism over their passionate religious cult and say anyone who disagrees is a racist homophobe. But that costume got worn out somewhere between 2015 and 2020.

The secular experiment was tried. It didn't work. Literally no one paying attention is surprised.

You can't take God out of the classroom.

There will always be a god of some form or another that shapes the foundations of the values that determine what and how you teach the next generation. By teaching everyone there is no god, you are teaching a religious worldview. By teaching everyone that boys can become girls and special religious terms like "cisgender" have to be used, you are teaching a religious worldview.

It's not a question of whether a god will be represented in the classroom, but which god. Is it a god that teaches kindergartners to "touch themselves"?

Or is it a God whose instruction on family, sex, and governance shaped thousands of years of history, leading to human flourishing that no pagan sorcery ever achieved?

"This is a war for the souls of our kids," Walters declared shortly after his election last year at a banquet for City Elders, a national group that advocates for Christian-based government. He went on to claim that liberals are trying to make children hate their parents and the country. "I will do all I can to fight to get that nonsense out of schools and to put God back in schools," he said.

Twenty years ago, I bet a lot of squishy Christians would have cringed at that. David French and The Gospel Coalition would have us all believing that we just need to be a little more tolerant of the world and that harsh truth is unChristlike.

But the flock is waking up. There are brave and bold shepherds now, and we're starting to realize the actual demons in our midst.

In 2023, this paragraph, meant to out conservatives as crazy, has the opposite effect: It makes me wonder how I can support them!

Walters also endorsed a proposal presented to him by a group of pastors and right-wing activists to hold a minute of silence for prayer in all public schools and to require a framed copy of the Ten Commandments in all classrooms. Walters, who has said he believes separation of church and state is a "myth" created by liberals, has not yet announced how or when he intends to propose these changes.

Amen and amen!

Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists expressing a separation in jurisdiction between the civil government and church, meaning the government would not adopt a formal denomination of its own (as was the practice in Europe at the time) did not mean that God was to be taken out of the public square. We have done the opposite of what the founders intended, and we have let wolfish people do it.

Separation of church and state, as we understand it today, is as much a myth as the "right" to an abortion being found in the Constitution.

Walters has also hammered Tulsa schools, where more than three-quarters of students are economically disadvantaged, for low academic achievement scores, calling the district "uniquely bad." Just 13% of students in the Tulsa district meet grade-level standards on the state test, according to 2022 state report cards. That's below the statewide average of 28%, but slightly above the 12% of students who reach the standards in the Oklahoma City district.

He's cleaning up the bloat that's causing public schools to fail, too?

This is supposed to be a hit piece, NBC??

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