Mayor Eric Adams just went to El Paso to whine that New York City can't fit any more illegal aliens
· Jan 16, 2023 ·

The mayor of New York City has received a few busloads of illegal aliens that have crossed the southern border in the last year, but apparently that's too much.

To fix the problem, Mayor Eric Adams trekked on down to El Paso, Texas, where they see up to 1,000 illegal crossings IN A SINGLE DAY.

The mayor of New York traveled to the Mexican border city of El Paso on Sunday and declared that "there is no room in New York" for busloads of migrants being sent to America's most populous city.

Yep, he got a few thousand illegals and he had the gall to tell Texas that he can't take any more.

Eric Adams, a Democrat, was also critical of the administration of Democratic U.S. President Joe Biden, saying "now is the time for the national government to do its job" about the immigrant crisis at America's southern border.

The point of busing the illegal immigrants to NYC, DC, and Martha's Vineyard is so that Democrats will realize that their border policies are disasters.

Adams's trip to El Paso comes after he said the migrant influx into New York could cost the city as much as $2 billion, at a time when the city is already facing a major budget shortfall.

You see, NYC is a "sanctuary city."

(Meaning they will not enforce immigration laws.)

Adams is in the tough position of trying to stop illegals from entering New York when, as a sanctuary city, he can't do anything to remove them.

Adams could simply work with federal agencies to relocate the immigrants, but that would require him to sacrifice the sanctuary status.

So for now, Adams will impotently make speeches in Texas, begging them not to let him experience the consequences of his own policies.

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