Need more proof that wokism is a cult? How about this shirtless white dude in swim goggles snotting up as he screeches “black lives matter” into the sky over and over?
· Apr 13, 2021 ·

Here's the backstory:

And here's the main event [language warning]:

The original poster is dead-on in his analysis of this insanity. Here we have a dough bro nearly foaming at the mouth as he works himself into an animal-like frenzy over his sacred cause.

He screams his creed into the air, willing it to manifest before him.

None of this has to do with getting to know black folks or meeting their needs and concerns.

None of it has to do with building a prosperous, free society.

It has everything to do with a cult-like zeal for the narrative of critical race theory and performing the sacraments of the woke religion. This is his worship.

Wokism is a cult. Friends don't let friends join a cult.

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