Netflix classifies their new gay serial-killer series “LGBTQ” and suddenly LGBTQ history needs to be ignored again
· Sep 26, 2022 ·

In case you didn't know, Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay child predator-cannibal who killed and ate the men and boys he slept with. Most of his victims were picked up at gay nightclubs in the early 1990s.

While Dahmer was not the only infamous member of the LGBTQ community, as serial killer John Wayne Gacy was also a gay, pedophile, Dahmer is perhaps more well-known because of the cannibalism part. In fact, most people forget completely about the LGBTQ connection because of the cannibalism part.

So, it's no wonder that social media lit up when Netflix's new series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, was categorized in the LGBTQ section of the streaming giant.

One particularly saddening detail of Dahmer's story that the show tries to bring a spotlight to is how little the police did to stop Dahmer. Netflix spins the lack of police effort to stop him from sleeping with and hurting young boys as "systemic" bias against gay men and boys.

And a lot of the comments trending on Twitter about the series pick up on this issue.

And yet here we are, twenty years later with our criminal justice system looking the other way while convicted child molesters perform drag shows for children.

People are actually making the case that members of the LGBTQ+ community should be exempt from background checks when they're interacting with children.

Clearly not every member of the LGBTQ+ community is a serial killer, pedophile, cannibal, but the fear of being called a bigot or racist is clouding the better judgment of parents and community leaders and removing many safeguards that were put in place to stop the Jeffrey Dahmers of the world.

It's as if we've learned nothing from history in actually protecting young people, but how else will we keep the true-crime genre going?

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