New German law will allow citizens to change their gender and first name once a year
· Aug 6, 2022 ·

Pick a gender, any gender.

Oh, nice choice… platypus!

Now, you must remain platypus-gendered for an entire year now, okay?

See you in 12 months!

Who knows which gender you'll choose next time!

This scene was brought to you by Germany's new Self-Determination Act, which is likely to pass through parliament any time now.

Check it out:

Yup, congratulations to the Germans, who will now be able to change their gender and first name once per year. Super cool for you guys, uhh gals, uhm, I mean, folx — yeah, folx.

Great accomplishment!

Under the "Self-Determination Act," any individual who identifies as transgender, intersex, or non-binary will be able to change their gender by simply paying a visit to a registry office and filling out a form.

Under the law, which is expected to pass in parliament before it goes on a summer break, individuals will no longer have to submit a medical report or obtain a court order to change their name and gender.

The legislation will officially codify gender dysphoria, which is a mental illness, into a fundamental right. The condition, which was previously treated as a psychological condition, will now be given the same validation as same-sex attraction.

The end is nigh, my friends.

And hear me out: I'm not so sure if this law goes far enough. I mean, isn't it a little genderfluid-phobic to only allow one gender change per year?

Cuz I know folks who change their gender every fifteen minutes or so, and this law does absolutely nothing for them.

Sorry for my sarcasm, but you know today's jokes are tomorrow's woke ideologies.

"Don't give them ideas," you might be thinking.

Anyhow, I and a few others have a pretty huge problem with this law, apart from the fact that it affirms all this gender nonsense the woke alphabet people are trying to push on us.

The CDU party has also voiced opposition to the legislation, saying it could lead to "arbitrariness" in how government documents identify persons.

The FDP party argues that the law could make it easier for criminals to evade police or creditors by changing their name and identity.

Yeah, just like mediocre male athletes take advantage of the lower level of play in women's sports, so too will criminals take advantage of this ridiculous gender law and use it to their advantage.

And I wouldn't blame them for gaming the system if this is what it looks like.

Well, I guess all I can say is good luck, Germany (if that is your real name anymore).

Cuz you're going to need it.

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