New Hampshire students stage walk out after school board bans urinals in the name of "gender identity"
· Feb 13, 2023 ·

Every day I wake up and find something crazier than what happened the day before:

Over 100 Granite State students banded together to conduct a Friday walk out to protest a school board district-wide policy that bans urinals over ‘gender identity' concerns.


The policy is the apparent result of a compromise, following a contested Monday night board meeting that included a proposal to change the already-in-place district bathroom policy – which presently permits students to use any of the bathrooms that best align with their chosen gender identity, according to coverage from earlier in the week by WMUR.

Can you imagine going back 20 years and telling the average person that schools would be putting trash bags over urinals in the men's room to keep guys from using them to be politically correct?


The united act of defiance came in response to the Milford, New Hampshire School Board voting in favor of closing off urinals, limiting "the number of people in a restroom to the number of stalls," WMUR reported. The board's decision resulted in urinals "being covered up with trash bags" at schools within the New England district

Here's the logic:

  • Premise A) – Urinals are only usable if you have XY chromosomes and male genitalia.
  • Premise B) – Women need to be able to use the men's bathroom too, and it would be mean to make them wait for a stall if the bathroom was full.

Therefore, in the name of equity, all students will have to wait for the stall. If the ladies and the trans students have to wait, so do the boys!

From WMUR:

On Monday, the school board voted to limit the number of people in a restroom to the number of stalls, which students said slows everything down. Male students feel particularly targeted, with urinals being covered up with trash bags.

"Nobody asked for this," said student Autumn Diveley. "Nobody but the few parents who complained to the school board asked for this."

Karens truly are ruining everything.

"As a female, I don't think it's safe to have males in our bathroom," said student Lena Silva.

Poor girl. Her life is doomed now.

I find it funny though that so few people connect the dots here between these stupid policies and communism.

My friends, this is communism. It is literally this meme:

If Marxism is anything, it's predictable!

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