New poll shows Americans aren't willing to spend even a FEW BUCKS on climate action, let alone the TRILLIONS demanded by the Green New Deal
· · May 31, 2021 ·

Biden and the Dems are set on spending trillions of dollars that's going to put all our great-grandkids in mind-numbing debt.

In fact, some estimates of the Green New Deal say it'll cost $93 TRILLION, or roughly $600,000 of debt for every single household in the nation.

Despite that, a new poll shows over a third of Americans wouldn't give anything toward climate issues, and the vast majority wouldn't spend more than $50 a month.

A strong majority of respondents said they were somewhat or very concerned about the issue of climate change. However, one of the most interesting follow-up questions was this: "How much of your own money would you be willing to personally spend each month to reduce the impact of climate change?"

The vast majority of voters were only willing to make very minimal financial sacrifices.

About 35 percent said they wouldn't be willing to spend anything, with another 15 percent saying they'd only sacrifice $1-$10. Another 6 percent were willing to give up $11-$20, while 5 percent said they'd sacrifice $21-$30. In all, a whopping 75 percent of respondents were not willing to pay more than $50 a month.

Translation: A lot of people are worried about climate change, but it seems most people don't want to put their money where their mouth is.

Here's the full chart from the survey question:

Look at that: Only 23% of Americans would spend $90 or more a month, and I'm guessing they're mostly the woke upper class who were thoroughly indoctrinated in college before landing a job as a Facebook censor or MSNBC analyst.

It'd be a struggle for most families, including my own, to make that kind of monthly tithe to the Church of Woke. How about yours? Are you willing to sacrifice healthcare, education, food, or opportunities to make a monthly payment?

What about $1,000 a month? The 1% who said they'd willingly spend that much are definitely the coastal elites who make seven figures a year, hate capitalism while being rich themselves, and watch four hours of CNN a day.

Even for them to fulfill the expectations of the Green New Deal, they'd need to contribute $1,000 for FIFTY YEARS to pay off their household debt.

Think of how long it'd take you and I.

And once inflation makes money a quarter of today's value, it'll take a few lifetimes to pay that number down...

If you can't afford giving thousands of dollars a month to wealthy doomsday prophets who fly around on their private jets, you might want to contact the dumb-dumbs in Congress trying to make this absurdity into reality.


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