New polls show Kamala is the most disliked VP in at least half a century after only 6 months on the job
· Aug 2, 2021 ·

I can't POSSIBLY imagine why Kamala Harris would be so unliked by the American people, but I'm sure the media will inform us why the answer is rAciSm.

I mean, what reasons could there be, aside from her being the most far-left member of the Senate and having less than 1% of support in the Democratic primary.

Really, what reasons?

Can anyone think of anything?

I guess we'll have to tune in to CNN at 9pm to be told what to think about this new development considering our glorious leader.

Look at The Telegraph try to understand how the Chosen One has failed so badly to win the hearts of the people.

That's pretty bad, and The Telegraph says Dem strategists are "alarmed."

Alarmed Democrat strategists are grappling with the Vice President's floundering poll numbers which show she is now "underwater," meaning more Americans disapprove, than approve, of her job performance

The Telegraph then polled Twitter users (who I might add are left-leaning by a wide margin):

Let's consider that this is even worse than Mike Pence 6 months in office, who was attached to one of the most divisive figures in modern history and literally had 99% of the media going after him in the news and on late-night TV.

According to Gallup 42.1 per cent approved of Mr Pence's performance at that point, and 41.9 percent disapproved.

Even with the help of Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, WaPo, and the NYT, Kamala is still sinking!

Even Dan Quayle, the much-mocked vice president of George H.W. Bush, was nowhere not underwater after six months.

He had an approval rating of 43 per cent, and disapproval of just 22 per cent, with 34 per cent undecided.

So what are the Dems going to do to protect their fearless Queen-in-waiting?

They'll only "deploy" her for strategic missions when necessary.

Kamala being Kamala in SE Asia is going to be even better than Joe Biden digging into another chocolate-chip ice cream somewhere in the Midwest!

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