New study says that WWII style rationing of food, fuel, clothing, and other goods is what we need to stop climate change ... and it’s already happening.
· Feb 25, 2023 ·

Nothing says communism like queuing up for stuff. Remember Bernie Sanders classic line about food lines?

Well, a new study published in the journal Ethics, Policy & Environment claims that lining up like hungry communists will not only make us happy to get food, it will help stop climate change.

Nathan Wood, Rob Lawlor, and Josie Freear say rationing worked during World War II, so people should be fine with it to fight the new threat of climate change.

The authors argue that,

"The rejection of markets, and a commitment to fair shares, is a key part of the value of rationing, and precisely what made rationing attractive to the public in the 1940s."

Then they use empirical evidence from the United States and Britain to show how when a country is at war, governments are forced to invoke some totalitarian measures that resemble communism, and the populace willingly accepts being subjected to scarcity and near starvation.

Consider the following U.S. propaganda poster from World War II, which without the context of war, looks like Marxism to the extreme:

Clearly going to war with a foreign nation intent on world domination was the part that created scarcity in the world that necessitated rationing during World War II, and that is a bit different than what's happening now.

And the researchers willingly admit that:

"It is important to emphasize the difference between rationing itself and the scarcity that rationing was a response to. Of course, people did welcome the end of rationing, but they were really celebrating the end of scarcity, and celebrating the fact that rationing was no longer necessary.

"A problem with rationing energy is people might not be as willing to accept it as they would if resources were scarce, because they know there's an abundance of resources available."

In other words, forced rationing without a legitimate crisis might be a hard sell.

In that light, they unintentionally make the case that the only threat we have is the climate hysteria stuff being pushed by the neo-marxists who are trying to push the world's population into a genocide of the willing.

Here's the WEF toting this same idea a year before this study came out, including a carbon footprint tracker to monitor what you buy, where you travel, what you eat, etc:

The UK has already started implementing rationing food because of the "energy crisis" creating a "perfect storm" of growing issues.

What was that perfect storm of growing issues?

We've covered it here over the last year.

The European Union limited fertilizer use, essentially disallowing much of the trading block's food production. European farmers protested heavily, but to no avail:

Then they sanctioned Russia from whom they imported most of their fuel, and the European people protested heavily to no avail:

Without fuel, even the greenhouses were unable to continue operating, and without the farms having produced much…

A perfect storm of growing issues developed along with a manufactured rationing scenario.

When the Brits scoffed at the idea of having their food rationed, the Environment Secretary told them, and I quote, "Eat more turnips!"

I guess the researchers are right that people will buck at an artificial crisis that results in rationing. The Europeans sure seemed upset.

I wonder how the U.S. will fare?

I'm sure once all the fat reserves burn off, and we enter starvation mode, we'll all be a lot more docile and willingly kneel before our new climate overlords.

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