New York Governor Kathy Hochul's struggle in the polls is being blamed on misogyny because racism wasn't available.
· Nov 7, 2022 ·

On the plus side, at least they've rediscovered what a woman is.

Why would so many New Yorkers turn their backs on the chance to make her the first elected female governor in the state's history?

Sure, Kathy Hochul may be a demonstrable failure in attending to voters' two primary concerns, the rise in violent crime and the economy, but being able to put food on the table and avoiding having your loved ones robbed, raped, and murdered can't possibly be more important that this extremely historical opportunity to strike a blow against the patriarchy.

Clearly, the only possible reason is that the voters hate women.

Some of the analysts watching these events unfold think they've struck upon the answer. In case you hadn't already guessed, it's because she's a woman. (Duh.) And in the eyes of the patriarchy, she's just not "likable" enough. She's even being compared to Hillary Clinton in that regard. (City and State NY)

Nothing is going well in your house when you are being compared to Hillary Clinton, with the possible exception of, "She's absolutely nothing at all remotely like Hillary Clinton."

From City & State New York:

"I think it really goes to an unconscious bias," said one woman in politics, who asked for anonymity because she wasn't authorized to speak for her employer.

"Unconscious bias." That's the kind only progressives can see with their super-powered unconscious vision.

"I think she's much more likable than Hillary Clinton,...

I imagine she's way less murdery than John Wayne Gacy, so, you know, she's got that going for her too.

...but in an election where crime and public safety is the No. 1 issue, does it hurt her where she's a woman, and not an aggressive man?"

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the answer could possibly be?


I don't know about you, but I think progressives using tired sexist stereotypes to describe a sitting governor as "not an aggressive man" is perfectly okay and not at all like when conservatives go so low as to suggest that a sitting governor is... you might want to have the children leave the room for this bit of hate speech... married.

While Democrats bemoan the unfair mistreatment of their meek womanly New York Governor, they simultaneously warn of how very dangerous it is when women do turn aggressive!

It's interesting to note that voters in Arizona, a state most New Yorkers are way too sophisticated to be able to point out on a map, don't seem to mind all that much that Kari Lake is a woman, and an abrasive one at that.

The New York Governor's race wasn't always this tight. Way back in the summer, Hochul's timidity and lack of aggressiveness didn't seem to be hurting her much what with a nearly 20-point lead in the FiveThirtyEight poll.

In fact, and I have confirmed this, Kathy Hochul was indeed a woman over just this past summer and by all accounts, has been a woman for quite some time!

Maybe voters aren't misogynist troglodytes who hate women and want to preserve the patriarchy at the cost of their own safety and welfare.

Maybe, just maybe, they care more about issues that directly affect their lives, and less about whether a candidate is a man or a woman.

Despite Democrats' obsessions with misogyny and the concept of "likeability," neither concept rates a mention in the piece below from The Daily Beast.

I wonder why that is?

Kari Lake is poised to be the next Arizona governor. Democrats are wondering how that happened.


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