New York is prioritizing Covid treatments for "non-white" citizens and isn't that just another way of saying that they're openly practicing racism?
· · Dec 31, 2021 ·

I'm told that this new form of racism isn't actually racism.

Also that 2+2=5.

In light of the shortage of oral antibody and monoclonal antibody treatments in New York, the New York State Department of Health has issued new guidelines for health professionals to figure out how to ration the medication.

The goal is to give the opportunity for treatment to those most at risk, and those who are of a "Non-White race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity," the Dept. of Health writes, should have that identity "be considered a risk factor," because of systemic racism.

So basically, you have to have certain comorbidities now in order to get treatments, and one of the comorbidities being considered is [checks notes] black or brown skin.

While the note on eligibility from the Dept. of Health says that those who receive the treatment must meet all of the criteria, the note on race is a subsection of the eligibility factor that could be interpreted as being about comorbidities. Essentially, among the factors that can be considered as comorbid, are being not white.

White people, per this directive, could be considered eligible for the treatment if they meet the full criteria, but for those who are non-white, their race or ethnicity alone can be considered a comorbidity even if they are in perfect health otherwise, Covid aside.

Pretty sure every toddler alive would know intuitively that this is a bad plan. Anyone with a non-brainwashed conscience could tell you the same.

Our children and their children are going to call this period of history "The Great Regression," aren't they??


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