New Zealand's new Prime Minister, who just replaced female PM Jacinda Ardern, left completely baffled when asked to define "woman"
· Apr 3, 2023 ·

If you told someone even 5 years ago that politicians would not be able to answer a simple question like "What is a woman?" absolutely no one, left or right, would believe you.

Yet, here we are.

New Zealand's new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, who just replaced female Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, was apparently caught off guard when asked a question that the little boy in Kindergarten Cop could have answered.

Watch the astonishingly awkward exchange:

Reporter: How do you, and how does this government, define a woman?

Hipkins: Umm- uh, to be honest Sean that question's come slightly out of left field for me. The... well- biology, sex, gender, umm... people define themselves. People define their own genders...

The reporter then explains the context of the question, why it's relevant, and then asks again because it's actually important as a matter of governmental policy, how does this government define a woman?

Hipkins: I think as I just indicated, I wasn't expecting that question, so it's not something I've formulated- pre-formulated an answer on. But in terms of gender identity, I think that people define gender identity for themselves.

The question, "What is a woman?" should not be something that you need to pre-formulate and workshop an answer for. This is absolute insanity and he freaking knows it. But he also knows if he were to tell the truth his political career may very well be over because The Left has been completely overrun with radicals.

Demoralization is the point.

We ALL know that Bruce Jenner is a man. We all know Dylan Mulvaney is a man. We all know it's a lie. But the entire point is to make us forget that it's a lie, and lie to ourselves enough to give in.

Chris Hipkins is the shell of a man they want to make all of us.

And the sad part is, we are losing this battle.

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