NHL's commissioner signals the entire league might drop its "Pride" nights after pushback from fans and players
· Mar 29, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Sometimes, all it takes is for one man to stand up to make a difference.

The NHL has joined other professional sports leagues to promote "pride" celebrations to push the LGBT rainbow agenda, but a few weeks ago one man stood up and refused to participate.

Soon, other players also refused to participate after Povorov showed it could be done, and some entire team organizations dropped their planned LGBT pride events.

And thanks to this one man's stand, the NHL is considering dropping the whole "Pride" push.

Commissioner Bettman has defended the decision to opt-out. But the growing number of those choosing to do so is forcing the league to face a dilemma, and Bettman noted that the issue is something the NHL "will have to evaluate in the offseason."

In some leagues, endorsing homosexuality and making players celebrate sexually perverse lifestyles is seen as a net good, but money still talks.

The pushing of the rainbow agenda may hurt the NHL more than it helps the league and it looks like they're afraid of getting woke and going broke.

"This is one issue where players for a variety of reasons may not feel comfortable wearing the uniform as a form of endorsement," Bettman said, according to Fox News.

"But I think that's become more of a distraction now because the substance of what our teams and we have been doing and stand for is really being pushed to the side for what is a handful of players basically have made personal decisions, and you have to respect that as well," he added.

Translation: Too many people stopped watching the games and buying tickets.

That's the way it's done. Make the league defend why they want to force you to celebrate the LGBT lifestyle. Turn it into a referendum on them and their forcing an agenda.

That's all it takes.

If you take a stand you may start out alone, but other will join. Don't let the rainbow jihad force you into silence. Oppose it no matter the cost and you just may win.

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