Check out these woke Nickelodeon Jr. pro-government videos aimed at toddlers!
ยท Dec 2, 2023 ยท

Move over School House Rock and Magic School Bus, there's a new cartoon music video to teach kids all about how government works.

Introducing Nickelodeon Jr.'s Well Versed series. (Nick Jr.โ€˜s target audience is kids who are 2-5).

Here's the first episode where the series's stars Jade and Max learn all about what our government is supposed to do: things like "building roads" and "protecting our democracy."

Honestly, if you can get over the music, the message in that one wasn't terrible. I have no idea how a 5-year old will get anything out of it, much less a 2-year old, but okay. And there are some others about branches of government that are okay too, if not developmentally appropriate.

But then the Nick Jr. government videos get a little woke with messages like "follow your heart because you're the only you there is" and maybe there's a furry? There's a kid dressed as a gator. And you can't judge! Because that's what the government's all about!

I swear this is what happens when people who swore off having children start making children's programming. These people have literally no concept of what a 2-5 year watches or understands.

At least Schoolhouse Rock was aimed at school kids.

If you really want your school-aged kids to get an understanding of government, sit them down in front of some PragerU Kids videos. Those are pretty solid.

And stick to colors, numbers, and alphabets for the toddlers.

Here's the playlist I created for my kids when they were that age. It will drive you batty, but they'll watch it for hours and come away knowing something.

It starts with this video of the alphabet.

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