Nightlife in Wuhan is poppin! Nobody is wearing a mask or social distancing, and I guess I'll just stay home and stay safe and always wear a mask because I trust my governor
· Dec 24, 2020 ·

Well, it looks like Wuhan, China is all done playing that super-fun game called "Stay Home, Stay Safe, Social Distance, Wear A Mask."

That's cool...FOR THEM!

Nightlife is taking off in the city of 11 million, and this Reuters article shows several examples of mask-less party animals just having a blast in Wuhan. There's even a picture toward the end of that article of a random dude using his teeth to open a beer for another man, which obviously means Covid is over.

These photos and captions are priceless! I mean, "street games with toy machine guns and balloons"? Okay, I'm in! Seriously though, every one of these photos makes me happy. And I'll try to stay happy, because I know what you're all thinking, and I'm thinking it too.

I'm over here like, "well look at that, the virus is gone, MAGIC! China bamboozled us and we fell for it and now we are all going to be slaves." But we are all thinking it, and we all have different ways of describing how we feel, so go ahead and start a huge conversation down in the comments section. I just remain happy that these people are out there having fun again!

Anyhow, back to these amazing Reuters tweets of people in Wuhan celebrating the end of Covid:

Crowd surfing? Yes, let's do it! I always enjoy being the tall guy at a concert and getting tapped on the shoulder every four minutes like, "Hey, can you get me up there?" Also, I can't wait to show proof of vaccination next time I go to a show! It's gonna be so cool.

Okay, I have to get a little mad about this one. Wuhan was locked down from late January until early April...and they haven't had a locally transmitted Covid case since May 10th?


And yes, on a lighter note we should all pray that businesses recover from this. Obviously, Uncle Sam has Amazon and Walmart's back, but I'm talking about the little guys! Also, is there a nickname for Uncle Sam that would make him seem more Chinese? Just wondering.

Reuters also made a video about the restored nightlife in Wuhan:

Okay everybody, now don't forget to stay home, stay safe, and if you do need to leave the house just get the double mask going and don't forget to social distance!

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