Nike has permanently closed their hometown Portland store because, you guessed it, Portland doesn't prosecute criminals
· Sep 11, 2023 ·

In a move that is surprising to approximately zero people who are paying attention, the Nike Factory store in Portland, Oregon is now permanently closed.

The leftist utopia of Portlandia has decided it would be in poor taste to fight crime, so iconic stores, like the Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Nike shop, can be robbed blind.

Now it's closed forever.

This is that progress and equity that all the cool people are talking about?

If you don't know, Nike's first-ever store opened in Portland in November 1990 after the company rebranded under the name, but the MLK Community Factory Store had operated since before the company was named Nike, launching in 1984.

To add insult to injury, Nike is headquartered right next door in Beaverton!

I find it the peak of irony that the brand, which has gone full woke and supported Marxists grifts like BLM, has been forced to close its hometown factory outlet store because of crime. Mess around with communism, find out!

The area of the city with the Nike store had become dangerous for employees, so they asked the police if there was any way they could help bring law and order to the MLK Community of Portland.

The city said no.

In February, Nike went to great lengths to try to salvage its MLK Community Store and sent a letter to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and city officials asking for more police presence to combat ongoing retail theft. The company was open to creating an "intergovernmental agreement" with the city of Portland to directly fund full-time police officers who would be selected to police the store or would pay off-duty Portland Police Bureau officers as contracted security.That request was denied by the city due to the police department's detrimental staffing crisis, and now the famous staple is yet another store that has succumbed to the crime-ridden city.

Nike offered to pay police officers full-time through the city - their entire salaries! - if they would just patrol the areas near their store. That's all they wanted.

They didn't demand that Portland police the area. They didn't offer a solution that cost the city any money.

But the city doesn't have enough cops, and apparently, the ones they do have can't bother patrolling this crime-ridden neighborhood.

Nike has confirmed the MLK store is permanently closed, but they hope to open a new Nike Portland store (just in an area that hasn't been decimated with crime yet).

But it's Portland, so just give it a few years.

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