Nikki Haley says importing Russian oil right now is "absolute lunacy" and if only we had the world's biggest energy industry that could give us cheap oil at home ๐Ÿค”
ยท Mar 7, 2022 ยท

Remember this executive order Joe Biden signed on Day 1 of his presidency??

Yeah, that was the order that killed the Keystone XL pipeline and outlawed drilling and fracking on public lands, effectively ending American energy independence and making us a net importer of oil again.

Now gas is averaging 4 bucks a gallon and President "Never Underestimate Joe's Ability to [Flowerbed] Things Up" knows his poll numbers are gonna tank (further) if he cuts out our suppliers in Russia.

Because of that, we're continuing to fund the Russian war machine with oil purchasing even as we supply the Ukrainians with weapons. Nikki Haley, Former Ambassador to the UN and former Governor of South Carolina, had some thoughts about that.

"We need to stop taking any Russian oil. The idea that we would give our money to an enemy is 'unthinkable' and it's absolute lunacy. We can't allow this to continue," Haley said on Fox's Sunday Morning Futures.

Haley said the U.S. government needs to lead with "strength and deterrence," which she said "we're not getting" under the Biden administration.

Here's the full Fox interview if you're interested. I'm a little leery of the warmongering, overzealous tone that Fox hosts have had the past two weeks in talking about Russia, but Haley's comments are interesting:

You've gotta wonder what Biden will do! Dude's caught between a rock and a hard place (of his own making).

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