Nikole Hannah-Jones Executes Glorious Self-Own While Doubling Down On Idea That Parents Shouldn’t Be In Charge Of Their Kids' Education

Dec 28th

Nikole Hannah-Jones went on Meet the Press and doubled down on the controversial and failed Democrat idea that parents don't need to be involved in their children's education.

Watch the 1619 author repeat this insane idea:

Now, there are several levels of irony in this clip, it might take a minute for this all to sink in.

The controversy she is referring to started with schools teaching Critical Race Theory and its principles along with HER 1619 Project, which is steeped in Critical Theory.

Listen to what she says carefully.

"I don't really understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught. I'm not a professional educator, I don't have a degree in social studies, or science. We send our children to school because we want them to be taught by people who have expertise in the subject area, and that is not my job."

So Nikole Hannah-Jones, while essentially trying to defend HER WORK being taught in schools, appeals to the fact that she is NOT QUALIFIED to teach as an excuse for other "professionals" to use her curriculum.

If you truly think you don't have the expertise to teach children, maybe don't insist that your work must be taught in government schools.

The level of unawareness here is astounding.

"This is why we send our children to school and don't homeschool. Because these are the professional educators who have expertise to teach social studies, to teach history, to teach science, to teach literature. And I think we should leave that to the educators."

First off, this is incredibly insulting to the thousands of homeschool parents out there who do a tremendous job educating their children.

Lots of people are under a similar misconception, that it's impossible for parents to educate their own children, and this is, of course not true. It may be impractical, but it's not because parents aren't as capable as someone with a 4 year education degree from a liberal school.

Secondly, Hannah-Jones is admitting that she's not qualified to choose what her children learn, but she's still insisting that ALL children in the US should learn her flawed and fabricated version of history.

She believes woke academics and administrators should be in charge of what your kids learn.

It's all about political agenda.

The state knows better than you do when it comes to raising your children, so it's best if you just fall in line.

Fortunately, as we saw in Virginia, this idea is a losing one and parents are standing up for their rights.


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