Nikole Hannah-Jones tried to argue with a survivor of Mao's Cultural Revolution about American exceptionalism and it did NOT go well for her
· Feb 27, 2023 ·

Besides being a terrible historian and journalist, Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of "The 1619 Project," is also a pretty insensitive and terrible person.

She just exposed more of her ignorance on Twitter recently when she got into a protracted back and forth with a survivor of Mao's cultural revolution in China, which resulted in tens of millions of deaths.

Here's what Hannah-Jones said to trigger the conversation:

It's just your typical Marxist CRT message you see from the likes of Hannah-Jones and her comrades all the time.

But this time, someone with a real and unquestionable ability to speak up did so. Xi Van Fleet immigrated to the United States after surviving Mao's cultural revolution, one of the largest mass murder events of the 20th century.

Hannah-Jones is successful and published in The New York Times, is a high paid academic, and is producing a TV show. She's hardly a victim of society.

The back and forth just shows the grift of Hannah-Jones.

She was specific. In America, people can succeed regardless of skin color, because of the principles of America's founding.

In China, you're locked up for disagreeing and criticizing the government.

In America, you're given professorships and TV shows.

NHJ then tells Van Fleet to watch her Hulu show, because she's obviously ignorant.

Van Fleet then comes in with the death knell:




Van Fleet will never convince NHJ that the thing she has given her entire life too, critical Marxism and Maoism, is wrong. But for those out there who are in the middle, pointing out NHJ's delusions is a persuasive tactic.

Van Fleet saw the horrors of China's cultural revolution and sees the new Woke Revolution as a simple repeat of Mao's terror.

This is what we are fighting against. Thank goodness we have people like Van Fleet to sound the alarm.

Van Fleet, who endured Zedong's Cultural Revolution before traveling to the U.S. at 26, recently argued before a Virginia school board that CRT ideology teaches our children to "loathe our history and our country," recounting her own experience emigrating from China to the U.S. where she was provided with freedoms and opportunities she had been deprived of before.

"I just want Americans to know that their privilege is to be here living in America," she said." That is just the biggest privilege."

We'd better start listening.

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