This Canadian bookstore kicked out a lady who DIDN'T HAVE HANDS because she wouldn't put a mask on. Then they threatened to call the police when she tried to explain!

Dec 15th

This is just so cruel.

Elisabeth Walker-Young is a four-time Paralympic swimmer. She was also born with no hands. Which, as you can imagine, makes putting on a mask quite difficult. But that didn't stop a Vancouver bookstore from kicking her out for not wearing a mask. Then they threatened to call the police when she tried to explain that she had a medical disability exemption!

Guys, why??

She literally cannot physically put a mask on.

Listen to how she tells it, "When I am out with my daughter or my husband, they will help me put on a mask. But when I am out in the world independently, I just can't do it."

And she wasn't even trying to make a statement or anything. She just literally could not put the mask on her face.

"It's just not fair. I am not an anti-masker. I actually don't go out often because I am trying not to make people feel uncomfortable, which is an awful way to navigate the world."

In a video on Global News, she demonstrates how she cannot reach her head to put the mask on. But the bonehead staff wouldn't listen to her.

No empathy. No common sense.

The bookstore, Indigo Chapters, was in the news just last week for kicking an autistic boy out of the store for not wearing a mask. He also had a medical exemption. And his mother is actually filing a Human Rights complaint about it.

It does appear that the store will be updating its policy as a result of humiliating themselves twice in a row with their inhumanity. So that's good.

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