CNN pushes study that links "structural racism" to all the black people being shot in inner-city America 🤡
· Jul 20, 2023 ·

You know how thousands of fatherless black boys shoot each other in Chicago, Memphis, Philly, and scores of other cities around the nation?

Yeah, that's the fault of you racist white people:

It doesn't matter that 90% of violent crime committed against black people is committed by [checks notes] black people.

Nope, we're gonna turn a blind eye to the actual causes of black people getting caught up in gang warfare on the streets...

And we're gonna blame the law and white people instead.

Researchers at Tulane University analyzed data relating to the 51 largest metropolitan areas, including demographic and income data as well as reports of mass shootings from 2015 to 2019 compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization that tracks gun violence in the US.

CNN and the Gun Violence Archive define a mass shooting as a shooting that injured or killed four or more people, not including the shooter.

The study found that in areas with higher Black populations, mass shootings are likelier to occur compared to communities with higher White populations. There are also more Black people injured and killed when mass shootings take place, the findings say.

It doesn't take a study to see what's happening in black communities around the nation. The reason mass shootings are more likely to happen in black neighborhoods is because blacks commit crime 7-10 times more than white individuals and have a disproportionate percentage of homicides, rape, and violent crime than other demographic groups in the United States.

Important: I do not say this to disparage black people. The DNA that codes your melanin production has nothing to do with the quality of your character or the choices you make in life, but something has destroyed inner-city black communities.

They correlated the cities' Black-White segregation index, demographic data, poverty rates, educational attainment and crime rates.

Chicago had the greatest number of mass shootings during that period with 141, which led to 97 deaths and 583 injuries. According to the study, Milwaukee had the highest segregation index, which tracks racial disparities in schools and neighborhoods, while Baltimore had the highest unemployment rate.

Fact: Nearly every instance of mass shooting in Chicago is perpetrated by black gunmen.

Something has gone seriously wrong within urban "black" culture, but we're not allowed to talk about it. We can talk about the cultural problems with white "Karens" and their abuse of SSRIs, but we can't say that something has gone fundamentally wrong with the value set and family structure of the black community that is leading to rampant violence and death.

Instead, we have "experts" and CNN "journalists" that say things like this:

But they concluded "racial and ethnic minority populations are significantly more likely to be victims of (mass shootings)," systemic inequities lead to a variety of outbreaks of gun violence in the US, and it's something the public health sphere needs to address.

Translation: More communism, more stories about "white supremacy" as justification for overturning all our institutions.

I would posit there is another type of systemic racism that has done its work; the type leftist CNN writers don't want you to talk about.

The kind that 1) uses welfare to incentivize laziness and single-parent homes, 2) encourages the abortion of children, and 3) trains the kids who survive to be victims that glorify violence... all in a system where special interests use the grift to rake in money while letting their neighbors survive on the streets.

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