NYC Mayor de Blasio gets demolished for this supremely cringeworthy mask video

Oct 11th

A Twitter feeding frenzy is a difficult thing to behold. There is a savagery in watching a man be brutalized by thousands of angry keystrokes.

That being said, there are times when someone who's done something knuckleheaded – say, like drive America's largest city to the brink with totalitarian lockdowns, the defunding of law enforcement, and a wave of violence – that the feeding frenzy feels justified. In these rare cases, there is a soothing satisfaction in the comeuppance of a man with a no-mask fine choking on his own hubris.

Enter New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio, who wants you to know how much sCiEnCe he believes in by creating an inspirational video - complete with a soundtrack - of him putting on a mask and saluting the camera. It's cringeworthy on a level I can't describe. I'll let you simply enjoy:

There‘s so much to unpack here, but I'll let the Twitter responses speak for me.

The K.O. to De Blasio's grandstanding came courtesy of Sen. Ted Cruz, however. Cruz drew a direct comparison with the media's chastisement of Trump for standing maskless on the White House balcony last week.



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