Prague hospital kills wrong baby after performing abortion on wrong woman
· Apr 1, 2024 ·

Quick question, liberals: Does this count as a murder, or do we still consider this reproductive healthcare?

Seriously, answer the question.

If a pregnant woman goes in for a routine checkup, is mistaken for another patient who is scheduled for an abortion, and has her baby killed during that routine checkup, is that okay with you guys?

I'll wait.

A woman was mistakenly sedated and given an abortion when she should have been having a routine check-up, it has been reported.

The healthy woman, who was four months pregnant, was anaesthetised and given a kind of uterus surgery called a curettage which led to her miscarrying.

It was intended for another woman, who was also scheduled on March 25 at the Bulovka Hospital in Prague, a major teaching hospital in the capital of Czech Republic.

I cannot put into words how infuriated this makes me. Like, you killed a woman's baby. On purpose.

Sure, you got the wrong patient, but if you hadn't been killing a baby as part of your "reproductive health" program, this lady's child would still be with her.

Hospital spokeswoman Eva Stolejda Libigerová told CNN Prima: ‘An adverse event occurred at our Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic.

‘According to the findings so far, as a result of serious violations and non-compliance with internal regulations by the employees concerned, an operation was started on an incorrectly identified patient.'

The spokeswoman added to, which broke the story: ‘We expressed our deep regret and apology to the patient and her entire family for this unfortunate event and assured her that we will do everything to mitigate the damage as much as possible and also compensate her.

I'm sorry, but what are you going to do to compensate her?

You killed her baby.

What are you going to do, bring it back to life? Like, you could give me a million dollars and that still wouldn't be enough to compensate me for the fact that you murdered my child.

Just reckless stuff right here, and outright proof that abortion is murder.

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