Oh look, "uNdOcUmEnTeD MiGrAnTs" are now crossing our northern border in record numbers and a bunch of them are on the terror watchlist
· Mar 30, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Hey Canada, thanks a lot. Your lax travel visa policy has allowed a record number of illegals to just sneak right into our country from the north.

Bro, we're breaking records everywhere these days!

Let's take a look at the numbers:

In the last year, U.S. Border Patrol agents said they have arrested record numbers of migrants trying to cross the northern border of the United States, many of them through the remote crossroads where Canada meets New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York …

In fiscal year 2023, Swanton Sector agents arrested roughly 7,000 migrants trying to cross the border illegally. That is more than the previous 12 years combined ...

Border Patrol said they have arrested individuals from 66 different countries, including India, Bangladesh, Haiti, and Venezuela. Roughly 49 percent of those arrested came from Mexico.

Now, 7,000 illegal immigrants, referred to as "migrants trying to cross the border illegally" by CBS, doesn't seem like a lot of people until you come to realize that it previously took us 12 years to see that many apprehensions in the north. Pretty crazy stuff.

A little visual of this Swanton Sector we're talking about here:

This dramatic increase in border hoppers, which is already on pace this year to just demolish that 7,000 number, is due in part to a policy up in Canada which allows international travelers to skip the travel visa and simply fill out an electronic authorization form. Many of these Canadian "tourists" will simply cross into the U.S. days, even hours, after landing in Canada.

Up until recently, Canada did not require Mexicans and some other foreign nationals to have travel visas to fly to the country, only requiring an electronic authorization form.

"For a very minimal fee, they would be able to enter the country as a tourist," Lavallee said. "Some folks, utilizing the ETA program, were being arrested here in the United States for illegal entry within 24 hours of their landing in Canada."

Canada reversed course at the end of February, announcing new requirements for electronic travel authorization and a visa requirement for Mexican citizens. Lavallee also said some of the migrants he is encountering have a different strategy for entering the country than those coming to the southern border.

Well, I guess that's a small improvement? Maybe? Maybe we'll see fewer Mexicans crossing the US-Canada border. Because, I mean, where else would Mexican immigrants cross?

"Here, we're not seeing the same prevalence of individuals requesting either asylum or wanting to be caught. The people here that we're seeing for the most part, they're trying to find that seam. They're trying to find that vulnerability and come into the United States without detection," Lavallee said.

Not only that, but a whole bunch of these northern crossers are on the terror watchlist.

The Border Patrol covering the northern border is also seeing people on the terror watchlist. In fiscal year 2023, Border Patrol apprehended 564 people on the terror watchlist. Of them, 484 were encountered on the northern border. Another 103 were found crossing through the north in fiscal year 2024.

And now, in 2024,

Unofficial Border Patrol reports reviewed by Breitbart Texas reveal that Swanton Sector agents apprehended more than 4,000 migrants during the first five months of FY24, which began on October 1, 2023. This is up by more than 100 percent from the same period in record-shattering FY23.

Man, I gotta get my "Let's Go Brandon" shirt back out, cuz this presidency just keeps getting better and better.

November can't come fast enough!

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