On migrant cannon fodder and national divorce
· · Aug 11, 2022 · NottheBee.com

One of the common things to hear in ongoing ideological debates between the two polarized sides of our political spectrum is the rivalry of who would win in a hypothetical national divorce. It's an academic exercise, really, given that there would be no clear and distinct line of demarcation should the country's two disparate political movements ever attempt to rend themselves from one another.

Nevertheless, it's always entertaining to hear liberals point to the low educational performances of states like Alabama and Arkansas, as well as the economic might of progressive states like California as evidence of their superiority. They are then answered by conservatives who highlight the crime epidemic in liberal cities, as well as the debt and welfare burden of progressive-run states.

Again, any debate over whether right-leaning or left-leaning states would fare better if left to their own policies is largely little more than standard political bickering. Still, I admit I thought about it a couple times this last week. First, when the queen bee of leftism, Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself, was hoisted on her own white supremacy petard:

Remember, this is the same Pelosi who donned a Kente cloth, and kneeled for 8 minutes and 26 seconds in order to impugn America's systemically racist soul after the death of George Floyd. Yet despite her theatrics and her continued verbal tributes to the exploitative "anti-racism" scam being advanced by grifters, here she is being pegged as a white supremacist. It's proof, once again, that you can never be woke enough.

Pelosi visited Taiwan to show American solidarity with their independence and commitment to democratic rule, and gets ripped for "racist psychopathology." Feed the woke monster and it will eventually come for you. Thinking about an entire country premised around such woke extremism where even Speaker Pelosi can't avoid being lumped in with the KKK, it's tough to imagine how such a place could survive.

And then there was the hilarious spectacle of progressive consternation over illegal migrants being shipped into their municipalities.

It's simply amazing that progressives – both the elected leaders who espouse open border policies and the media outlets like NPR that promote them – feel no shame in these kinds of objections.

The Democrat mayors of Washington, D.C., and New York City are decrying the catastrophic strain on their resources caused by a few thousand illegal migrants who have been bussed to their cities. NPR uses its platform to sound the alarm.

Yet Democrats and NPR have openly condemned the "racism" and "nativism" of southern states who have objected to the Biden administration's utter failure to address the border crisis. In April of this year alone, a record 235,478 illegal immigrants crossed the southern border into these states. In total, since Biden assumed the presidency, somewhere between 2-3.5 million have settled in the country.

Yet Democrat cities and their NPR mouthpieces worry about the economic calamity of a few thousand being bussed "with no plan for what came next."

I could be wrong, but I think that was the point of the Republican governors sending the illegal immigrants into those cities. The president and his hapless administration came into office without a plan, have developed no plan, and don't intend to create a plan. Until they do, Senator Ted Cruz, whose home state of Texas has shouldered the heaviest burden of Biden's failure, says to increase the bussing.

Make leftists live with the consequences of their own policies rather than accepting and carrying the burden for them. That's the strategy, and progressives shrieking about it seems to go a long way in settling the proverbial "who would win the divorce" argument.

Still, you can't help but feel compassion for the families that are desperately seeking a better life, only to be used as fodder for America's political cannons. And there's no debate over who has put them in such a position:

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