One of the country's largest malls is requiring minors to be escorted by adults after roaming mobs of "teens" kept brawling
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Yup, this is just the norm for youth of today, folks. Move along now. Stop noticing.

A new chaperone policy went into effect Friday, March 1 at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, requiring all underage visitors to be accompanied by an adult on the weekends.

The mall announced the new policy last month, just weeks after a massive teenage brawl at the mall ended with five arrests and at least three people injured. Torrance Police had to use riot gear to regain control of the more than 1,000 young people.

Yesterday, I covered another mass brawl at Six Flags outside Atlanta, where I said it's important that we talk about these "teens" who keep popping up in the news:

We aren't racist around here. That means we view things objectively under the non-woke definition of the word. We look at data and trends and if we notice - for example - that these massive fights in public places are being caused by a certain demographic, we start to theorize that something has gone horribly wrong in this demographic and we need to talk about it to fix the problem.

But nah. Instead, the actual racists are the ones that talk about it even though skin color and ethnicity have nothing do with it, and they're out there speaking very loudly about it to conservatives. Meanwhile, normies are mostly being quiet because the wokies will label them racists if they start talking about patterns.

We don't play those games here. We talk about it and we don't couch our language with Orwellian excuses like, oh, Chiraq's mayor:

See, this isn't the only time these "teens" went nuts at the Del Amo Fashion Center on a mass scale โ€” it happened last summer as well:

Actually, the problem has been going on for years:

But it keeps happening everywhere because NO ONES WANTS TO BE THE FIRST TO TALK ABOUT THE OBVIOUS.

The Del Amo Fashion Center is "the sixth largest shopping mall in the United States," so you can understand why they want to protect their reputation. The new policy "requires all visitors under 18 to be accompanied by an adult 21 or older after 3 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays."

One shopper, meanwhile, correctly identified that the issue isn't so much what happens at the mall but what happens at home:

We know that all teenagers hang out at the mall, but it all comes down to home training and how to act at the mall ... And these kids running around starting problems for God knows what reason. And it's just a sad situation.

"For God knows what reason."

Why don't we call up their fathers and ask them?

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